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HEGO'S mixers is an Italian brand with classic and modern character, take you to a place where elegance and luxury meets together. And the mixer is the main essence that reflects the image of your bathroom furniture, so it was made for you to meet your desires in a distinctive way that gives you wide options according to your choice.


IB is involved in the manufacturing and the production of every single component, from the raw material to the most particular finishes. And its products are the outcome of the most advanced technological innovations, with a particular care for details and a technical and aesthetic quality. The goal is always to develop high-design projects, innovative and Daring in their aesthetics, but always attentive to the high functionality of the product.

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PAINI It is one of the leading companies in its field and is distinguished by its use of high quality raw materials, thus ensuring the sustainability of manufacturing with high efficiency, while improving production processes and quality of its products. We offer you the finest and most luxurious mixers, and shower heads for your bathroom furniture.


ALMAR is a well-established manufacturer of shower heads and bathroom fittings. Its entrepreneurial strength lies in the ability to anticipate trends, optimize production processes and privilege the quality of its own products thanks to the competence of an inner center of development and research which is supported by the most innovative technologies available at present.

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