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About Us


Casapiu is known as one of the biggest importers of sanitary ware and tiles. It is one of the most successful companies in the gulf region. Casapiu has been the leader in the world of building materials where the company has been a supplier for numerous projects such as hotels, commercial complexes, towers, palaces and villas with every need they stand for.

The flexible and multi-sided strategy that we adopted has assisted us. This has awarded us excellence and leadership in the field of sanitary ware and tiles. In our capacity as pioneers in our field we ultimately managed to gain customer satisfaction on both quality and price as we have availed quality international trade marks products at suitable prices. We have also opened the most spacious showrooms in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates whereby our customers have been able to have an overall image as to how their houses and places of residence would look like in terms of quality and splendor.

In our bid to strengthen our already strong position in the market we have exerted every effort to set standards for every facet of our work in addition to adaptation of an after sale service program as well as presenting the designs to ensure that best services that guarantees satisfaction of our customers are rendered.

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